I was a Witness to the Slaughter of Innovation

Being a frequent eye witness to status quo bias, I can attest to its artful hypocrisy.   True status quo champions allude that an idea gained their acceptance. Tread carefully! Soon enough the scope and impact begins to shrink and shrink, sometimes in a matter of minutes.  At the close, all that’s left is a tiny vestige of the original implementation.

In the face of any reaction, hold your ground.  Be prepared for even slight objections that are likely to disguise the status quo bias. Keep your cool and internally accept that your actions are being interpreted as a threat.

Where you see:


They see the anagram:


But, do not surrender your initiative to similar instinctive, preprogrammed reactions. Soothe those bristling with fear by showing empathy and an understanding of how others will be impacted.  Be willing to make minor deployment adjustments for the sake of agreement.  In the end, cede no concessions in implementation. Believe it and build it.

Inspired by: How Status Quo Bias Can Kill Innovation

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