Model Behavior for Authentic Customer Relationship

So I’ve been deep diving into Twitter for a month and am starting to see patterns. For a lot of users, this is not going to have any more value than what they expect. Equivalent of waving hello to a neighbor or making small talk. Some connect on a deeper level and interact regularly. But what authentic business value can Twitter bring to a customer’s attention?

I observed the value in public relations and brand image. So, I tried a little experiment with Wegman’s by posting some genuine praise for their store branded products.

Wegmans Tweet 1

In less than an hour I received a response. This heightened the affinity I felt for the store and reinforced their stated service belief.

[W]e set our goal to be the very best at serving the needs of our customers.

Their feed contains customer service victories as well. This customer expressed frustration that a product was discontinued at her local Wegman’s. See how the company responded.

Wegmans Tweet 2

Before trying to fix the relationship, the Twitter representative made sure they understood what had gone wrong by getting low effort confirmation from the customer. With the right product information, the representative investigated and reported back on the why of the problem and a creative solution that resulted in a win-win-win.

  1. The customer gets their product
  2. Wegman’s gets a high margin sale without requiring additional internal communications
  3. The relationship grows stronger through the process.

This is the kind of brand activity that Graham Robertson discusses in Everything Starts and Ends with the Consumer in Mind.

In the end, all of this activity on Twitter enters the customer’s feed spreading to their followers wherever they may be. How much more genuine can Wegman’s message get? Powerful and lasting relationships can be built with a fleeting feed when the interaction is genuine and personal.

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