Functional Advocacy: A Sense of Absence in Strategy and Innovation

Part 1 of 4 in a series

Turn your mind’s eye to the history of innovation implementations in your organization.

  • Do you see a line of progressive success stories?
  • Has each produced efficiency and value in the daily routines of functional areas?
  • Are implementation champions praised as valuable partners by staff?
  • Have marketing, finance, operations, and upper management reconciled their skepticism based on personal recollection of previous projects and their unfulfilled promises?

IT Landscape

I suspect that your heart drops at the spectacle. Today, a dilapidated and haphazard collection of tools and processes severely limits options for future productivity gains. Strategic initiatives, regardless of merit, reflect the “way things are” more than “the way things should be.” Sometimes, late at night, perplexed functional managers feel an acute absence. Each department feels it differently but they all sense the gap is within their power to fill.

Organizational synchronicity is readily available and it is simple in concept. The opportunity, even if implemented within a single functional area, brings immediate and long-term benefits to managers and individuals. Be stout of heart, face your fears, and read on…

Next in the series: Functional Advocacy: A Sense of Forboding in Strategy and Innovation

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One comment on “Functional Advocacy: A Sense of Absence in Strategy and Innovation
  1. […] information about this type of role and it’s benefits, see the first of my four part series, A Sense of Absence in Strategy and Innovation. A cross-domain partner can strengthen motivation to reshape the tech […]

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