Get Your Tech Body Fit (Step 4. Time for Recovery)

$Maintaining motivation to stay on a tech body fitness track requires proper recovery time. Staying ahead of competitors and keeping pace with collaborators is an endless struggle punctuated by personal bests. Inspiration can come from tales of caution as well as tales of success.

Surveying the business technology departments in most organizations reveals two reactions to the self-eroding nature of technological progress. In the majority is a protectionist and risk-averse stance. After all that hard work to create business-value, the majority become protective of their previous success. They cannot see the relative upside to keeping their tech body challenged when operational needs are so much more immediate. The resulting gradual decreases in efficiency and effectiveness can be ignored and obfuscated for years.

There does exist a high-profile minority capable of staying technically strong and focused on value creation year after year. Those organizations accept failure with purpose, provision in anticipation of experimentation, and act to mature technologies that strengthen their business offerings.

It will take more than skills development and cross-disciplinary collaboration to reshape your tech body. Be inspired by both positive and negative examples in much the same way individuals are motivated to exercise. Take heed of failing and unfit tech groups. At the same time, model your tech body against those who seem to drive value with tech innovation.

Thanks for following along. Stay fit for success!

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