The Importance of Leadership Competence and Integrity

Competence Is Not Optional

Circle of CompetenceTo develop confidence among stakeholders and team members, project managers must exhibit professional knowledge and acumen. When a team has reasonable questions about the competence of a project manager, they cannot predict what will happen when problems are identified and solutions are sought. Stakeholders might experience unease trying to answer how the project manager would be evaluated against questions such as:

  • Will the direct and indirect consequences of not addressing the problem really be understood?
  • Could someone with confirmed competence in this market better anticipate and prepare the team for changes that might be material to meeting delivery requirements?
  • Does this person really know what the end goal is?

Integrity: Get Some or Fail

Another area of concern that team members will observe is the individual integrity of the project manager. Daily interactions and subsequent interactions should fall along a continuum of interpersonal dynamics. A project manager whose demeanor and personality changes drastically depending on the faction of stakeholders he or she is addressing at the time is not honest behavior. Subsequent conversations and issues being referenced by the manager with team members could be tainted by such deceptive practices. Being boisterous and excited explaining progress to upper management and then later having disinterested conversations about progress with subordinates or partners in the project destroys the predictive component of trust. No one will know what the manager will do nor what he or she truly finds important for project success since that will change in an essential way depending on the audience.

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