About the Author

Wade Giles

Wade Giles, Technology Manager

Authentic – Experienced – Dedicated

Looking for new ways to build business value by empowering the enterprise with integrated technologies is my chosen mission.

A lifetime learner, I carry a broad and selectively deep technical pedigree such that I can relate to and inspire even the top performers. My strongest management skill is consensus building and I inspire with an even-tempered, honorable, and respectful demeanor. My hands-on experience and genuine interest in all aspects of a business helps me establish relationships across the organization quickly.

Over my career, I’ve pitched, planned, and implemented business, military, and laboratory systems. I’ve employed my love for learning to keep my tech skills up-to-date creating solutions as varied as desktop applications, client-server systems (point-to-point), hub and spoke distributed systems (CORBA), and service oriented architectures (SOA). I’ve delved deeply into presentation and UX, middleware messaging and ESBs, service development, and database management systems.

Just to keep my geek cred, I’ll also share this story. At the height of an obsession, I wrote a HTML scraping script in a Python scripting environment with access to .NET 2.0 objects to collect multi-item information from a website, transform it into a compatible form, and associate it with the user’s electronic file catalog. I shared it with the community along with many other script plugins to enhance the catalog software. Many of the users thanked me and based much of later work on mine if only as inspiration.

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