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Meet Your Project Management Conflicts Head-on (Without Cracking Skulls)

Now despite the premise of this post, not all conflict in a technical project is bad. Healthy teams resolve their conflicts through respectful discussion of the technical, practical, or organizational impact of each competing option. However, the emotional investment team

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Strategic Management Missing in Tech

Strategic management boils down to imagination and adaptation. Leadership forms a strategy using an imagined change they must believe will benefit the long-term viability of their firm. Guided by this vision, the thought leaders and subject matter experts combine their

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The Best Kind of Project Team for Your Organization

A project team coalesces into one of four common forms. The most effective form within an the organization depends on the culture and interpersonal dynamics accepted and practiced across bounds of responsibility. Where team dynamics are the exception and not

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What Do Project Controls Really Tell Us To Do?

Collect the data, chart the data, summarize the findings, repeat… The treadmill of technical project control is tedious and mind numbing. Nonetheless, it’s those precious insights into the status of progression that management must have to make intelligent decisions during the

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Where is the Control Data in Agile Projects?

Traditional project control requires the collection of different types of data. These types include frequency counts, raw numbers, subject numeric ratings, and indicator and surrogate measures. But where do we find these in Agile managed projects?

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Analyzing Uncertainty Inherent in New Projects

To evaluate the uncertainty of adding a project to the firm’s portfolio, project managers conduct risk analysis activities such as simulation. Crystal Ball is a tool for conducting simulations quickly and with an appropriate level of frequency. Since comparable information

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Risk Management Techniques for Complex Projects

The WBS is a Risk Analysis Tool A work breakdown structure (WBS) is a coded and categorized view of the project as a group of well-understood deliverables. The WBS forms a concrete path toward meeting the high-level product requirements from the project charter.

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